Don't Kill Your Inner Child


Everybody has an inner child.

This inner child
is love and light;
this inner child is filled with
curiosity and creativity; 
this inner child is filled with
infinite passion for life. 

When we were young, 
our inner child could also be
our outer child. 
If you have ever observed children,
you will notice that they are very alive, 
they say whatever they want to say, 
they do whatever they want to do, 
they are not afraid of the consequences. 
They don't overthink nor
worried about this or that. 

The nature of children
is to embrace life courageously,
and they are also full of
inspirations, they can
create spontaneously. 


the inner child may slowly
be repressed or even killed
by those adults
who think they know better or
they are "doing you good".
They might tell you
you can't do this, 
you can't do that etc. 
Then the society will come in
to tell you,
this is not right,
and that is not right. 

Slowly, the inner child
has grown scared and timid,
worrying that she might say the wrong thing,
do the wrong thing. 
So, she learned to supress herself,
to conform to the family,
to the adults,
to all the rules and dogmas
set by the society,
those "shoulds" and “should nots”...


I believe children should not be
those who have oversupervised children,
they are actually
killing the innocent nature of
the children. Killing the inner child
shall be equivalent to a crime. 

One day you might finally
come to realisation that
the inner child had disappeared,
the inner child who was full of curiosity
and creativity;
the inner child who used to be filled with bliss
had disappeared. 
Life has become miserable, 
but you don't even know why. 



Until one day,
 you re-encounter
the inner child again,
reminiscing the good old days
you spent together. 

This time you have decided
that you will use your life
to safeguard this precious inner child,
the unique inner child, 
you have decided that you
would never want to lose her again. 

You will not easily be manipulated by others,
believing in others' words; 
you will never let others to
destroy your inner child; 
you will protect her and
nurture her, so she can
blossom in a healthy environment.
You will allow her to create
whatever she wants to create,
to manifest all the miracles in life. 

You decide to follow the
guidance of your inner child,
respect her curiosity,
all the decisions she makes on a whim
all the spontaneous creativity.
You have decided to help her
in any way possible
to unlock the
magic of life. 


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Anjali Love