A Rebellious Soul

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I'm sick and tired of 

People telling me

What to do 


Life is a game

And I only want to

Play it on my own terms

No more pretense

No more fear


I only want it my way

This is the promise 

I made to my soul

I choose how to play 

The game

When i get bored

I simply move on 

No attachment

No time to linger 


It's not my fault that 

I was born a 

Free spirit

A rebellious soul

Try to tell me 

What to do

And I will show you

Another way


My mind could be

Timid but 

My soul ain't 

A stubborn soul

A free soul 


I want to be as 

Playful as a child 

Always spontaneous 

And creative 

In the moment

No limit

No constraint 


A child is always 

Frank and honest 

If she likes it she says yes

If she doesn't like it she says no

As transparent as that 


Routines are mundane

In my eyes 

Rules are bullshit 

I do not 

Give a fuck to


Demands and all 


That's just

Who I am

A rebellious soul

A stubborn soul

A free soul 


Life is too short

To not live on your own terms 


I only want to

Live on my own terms 

I want to be free

From all limits

That's the promise

I made to my soul 


'A rebellious soul' 

Les Mystic 

Anjali LoveComment