What We're Not Taught in School?

Is there something wrong with our education system?

Are we meant to figure out life by ourselves?  (photo taken in Kutag desert in Xinjiang by Anjali) 

Are we meant to figure out life by ourselves?  (photo taken in Kutag desert in Xinjiang by Anjali) 

I am halfway through my 10-day advanced tantra immersion course in the beautiful Bodrum, Turkey, and I had a moment of epiphany - I've been having quite a lot of such moments lately, and this is one of them - our education system is fucked! (excuse my language) 

The more I think about it, the more I believe that there must be something wrong with our education system. We spend years learning at school and university about all the knowledge of the world, all the rules and the system of the society - how to get a job, how to stay competitive, how to climb the ladder and be on top, so on and so forth.  But there is something missing - Something I believe that is much more important and probably worthwhile teaching in school, that is, the knowledge about ourselves. 

We learn so much of what is going on in the world but we learn so little about what's going on within ourselves. We are not taught about how our monkey minds behave, why our minds tend to think negatively and a lot of our thinkings and behaviours are fear-based. 

we are not taught about the importance of genuine human connections and how to communicate with people openly and honestly, and how to be authentic and expressing our true feelings.  

We are not taught about how to love with an open heart, how to connect with someone deeply. We are not taught about the pros and cons of marriage, the art of love making... 

It just dawned on me that how there are so many important things, things that truly matter in life, are never taught in school. We are certainly not taught about how to live a happy life and how to die without regrets! All these we have to figure out by ourselves after years of studies at University, some of us may be lucky to figure out earlier in life so they can enjoy a much fulfilling and happier life; some may start to figure out after a heartbreaking/devasting incident in life (breakdown of a marriage, burn out at work, fatal illness etc.), some of us may never figure out until we are about to die and then realising everything is too late... 

To be honest, I feel I learned more in the past five days in my tantra course than my seven years worth of university education in total (not to mention the super expensive tuition fees I paid for my education at one of the top Universities in the world). 

Now let's talk about Tantra. I feel I have to speak out to make justice for the often misunderstood term. For people who think Tantra is all about sex (especially in the West), that is a gross misunderstanding. Well, of course, there are also teachers out there who just teach about sex and calling it Tantra (which is fine), but Tantra is much more than that! Tantra teaches you how to better understand yourself (physically/emotionally/spirituality), it teaches you how to be honest and connect deeply and genuinely with yourself and other people, it teaches you how to love with an open heart and with courage, it teaches you how to live a happy life with no/little regrets. Tantra is also about working with energy, to balance and harmonise both the masculine (Shiva) and feminine energy (Shakti) within ourselves. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of our energy field. When our energy is balanced, our emotions are also balanced and we feel very much connected with ourselves, and naturally, we can enjoy a much happier and fulfilling life. 

Honestly, if you can, do go for a tantra course at least once in your lifetime, so you would know what I mean (make sure you do it with the right teacher). Oh, and I hope I am not the only one who thinks there must be something wrong with our education system. What do you think?