Why True Happiness is Self-Created and How to Create Your Own Happiness

“If you suffer, it is because of you, if you feel blissful, it is because of you. Nobody else is responsible — only you and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too.” 

Now, this is my personal experience: no one can give you true happiness except yourself, not even your sweetest lovers, bestest friends and closest family members can bring you the constant blue sky happiness. 

If you expect others to give your happiness and if your happiness relies on external circumstances, then you are destined to be disappointed sooner or later. 

Happiness is a choice and the decision ultimately lies only in our hands. One shall understand that happiness will not come to you, rather it can only come from you. When happiness is coming from you, it may seem that happiness is coming to you, but the cause and effect of this are often misunderstood. 

The cause is always that happiness comes from within and the effect is that the outer happiness is simply the manifestation of the inner state. So please make sure you create your own happiness and be the owner of your happiness.

It is actually not that difficult to create outer happiness. The easiest way is to do things you love and do it often, to do things that make your soul happy, to create from your soul and to express your true feelings. 

Let’s take a moment to reflect what things you enjoy doing the most and if you do them enough. 

Whenever I find the storage of my happiness tank is relatively low, I would try to do things that can make myself happy, such as yoga, dancing, cooking, travelling, reading and just to create spontaneously, to listen to my inner voice and create from within, whatever flows naturally in this present moment. After that, I always find myself to be happier again. This is probably why I am a deep believer in that you have to actually create your own true happiness. 

So what are your ways to create happiness? Think about what things you do that can make your soul happy and whether you do them enough? If not, make sure you do them more often. After all, who doesn’t want more happiness? 

Let us all become the creator of our own happiness and the earth angels that shine from within.