You Are Your Own Saviour

"Seek Not Outside Yourself"
-Mary Lou Cook


Are you looking for that
perfect love, the one
and only, the eternal
lover who will love you
unconditionally, who will
satisfy all your needs
and desires. The
Superman who will
always be there for you
no matter what; The
perfect Prince Charming
who will embrace you
for exactly who you are, 
whose shoulders
you can always
cry on. The handsome
white knight who
will rescue you
from your darkest times...

Please stop looking
outside, baby!
Instead, look
in the mirror. 

And yes, time to
burn those illusional,
highly misleading
fairy tales. 


when you keep diving deep
within ourselves and
uncovering your own centre,
i.e. when you feel whole and complete
without being
affected by anybody and anything,
then you will realise, 
actually the perfect love,
the eternal lover
that you have been seeking
is in fact yourself. 

No matter what you are looking for,
they are already
within ourselves. 

you are the treasure
you've been seeking. 



Many people might
have been sitting on this treasure,
not being aware,
they keep searching outside,
but may only result in

I believe I have also
only recently gained
a deeper understanding
about this. 

To dive deep
and to find our centre
is not necessarily
an easy path. 

And the internal journey
a lot of time is only reached
by taking many external journeys.

When you keep trying to
seeking outside but still
do not feel very fulfilled within,
then one day you will wake up
and realise that only by
looking inward is the only way. 

Think only for yourself
in every moment of your life.
Try to judge everything
 by your inner bliss.
Whatever you do,
trust your intuition. 

The path of spiritual growth
may seem like a selfish path,
but you must be selfish.
The word selfish is often
"To be selfish is simply
to be yourself." (Osho) 

You must have the courage
to break free of social convention,
to not care about what others' say,
if you want to dive deeper
into your inner source,
to be in touch with
the truth of life. 



Tips for going deeper within: 

Meditate often. 
The more you meditate
the less you will be interfered
by the outside noices, 
because your mind has been

You know how to quickly identify
what needs your attention, 
what does not require your attention, 
you can easily hear your inner voice
and follow it. 

Do the things you love often,
do the things that make you happy,
the things that give you energy. 
When you are doing it,
you feel like you have come home. 

Writing to me is
such a thing. 
Writing is not purely
for fun
(Of course, it is also fun). 

But most importantly,
writing is my soul's calling. 
This is not an option, 
it's like breathing,
eating, sleeping, 
it is a must. 

Writing to me
is a way of healing,
it's a meditation, 
helps me to centre. 

Writing is my way of
communicating with the
Divine within.
(so is dancing etc.).

So find the thing
that helps you to remain centred,
and do it often,
try to connect with
your inner divinity often. 

then you will realise

in fact, my dear,
it's really not necessary
for you to seek outside. 



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