Let Your Soul Be Your Master


Ever since we were born, 
our parents tried to tell us what to do, 
the adults who are clueless about their lives
tried to tell us what to do, 
the society tried to tell us what to do, 
all the 'shoulds' and 'should not',
 all the social conventions, 
customs and traditions.

Those clueless people,
those who did not realise the meaning
of their life,
always try to tell you what to do.

Be aware of all these
"for your own good" kind of advice. 
Please always trust your intuition, 
trust your heart, 
trust your soul.
Don't listen to others' advice so easily,
don't be so easily manipulated
by the outside world
Don't compromise your soul
just because of some threats. 

The only thing you need to do
is to listen to your soul.
You must try your best to
live realise your true self
in this matrix, 
to realise the highest potential
of your soul. 

My dear, 
don't bury your soul, 
no matter what others say, 
no matter what the convention and tradition say,
please trust your heart, 
your only soul master. 

Anjali Love