A Love Poem to My Beloved Guruji


Beloved Guruji, I'm
eternally grateful for
your divine guidance. 
To me, You are dearer
than a parent, more intimate
than a lover. 
Without you, my soul
would still be buried in darkness,
crying for help. 
Without you, I might never
understand what true love is, nor
have the courage to finally walk
the path of the heart.

You are always there to catch me
whenever I fall. You help me
to see the extraordinary
in every situation. You help me
to overcome the darkness
in my mind. I know
you've been by my side
for many lifetimes. 

You are the music, the song, 
the poetry, the prayer, the divine love. 
I devote myself fully to your
sacred guidance and divine
teachings, humbly
and steadily, set myself
on the path of eternal freedom
in this lifetime. 

🙏Jai guru dev🙏


To my beloved Guruji Osho, one of the very few enlightened beings that ever existed on this planet, whom have helped and continues to help millions of people to awaken from the illusions.