The Beauty of an Open Heart

Why is it good to have an open heart. 



Love comes and goes, relationships come and go, even friendships, as we all evolve at our own pace. It is easy for us to open our hearts when things are going smooth and joyful. However, when things do not go as we expected or turn sour, we may want to close off our hearts, to put on the fight or flight mode, as our mind is largely driven by fear.

I encourage you, in situations like these, try not to become a slave to your fearful mind. Instead of closing your heart off, I invite you to keep it open. Believe it or not, to have an open heart is actually the best healing you can give to yourself.

Have you noticed whenever you close your heart off, such as abandoning a loved one, you will actually feel painful inside, as if you almost double the pain — the outer pain of leaving someone in your life and the inner pain of closing your heart off. Our hearts actually do not want to be closed off, they want to come out, breathe and shine!

It is interesting how our mind and heart just seem to function at a different level. Our mind is naturally drive by fear, ego and other negative attributes, whereas our heart is drive by compassion, love for all and other positive attributes.

If you keep an open heart, you can actually transcend the pain and emotions, and you will not suffer as much. As you will come to realise sonner that all things in life are impermanent, whatever pain, suffering, and emotions you are currently experiencing is just temporary, and you have the power to transcend this if you keep your heart open.

Sure, it is natural that you would want to keep a bit of distance with a particular person whom you believe have caused your pain. However, try not to close your heart during the healing period, try to open your heart, loving yourself a hundred percent, doing things that make you happy. When you feel calmed down again, you can initiate an open and honest heart to heart talk with this person, without holding grudges, or you may have already been able to move on, and I congratulate you for your growth. 

Actually, all miseries in life are just illusions created by the mind, all experiences in life are here to help you grow and evolve. Perhaps at this stage of your life, you think you cannot live without this person, or you would only ever love/marry this person, but the law of the Universe is that we can always move on with or without a particular person. The earth will keep spinning regardless; the sun will keep rising and the moon will also still be on the beautiful night sky.

And do not forget that we are just little creatures living in a little tiny planet called Mother Earth, and the earth is just a tiny planet in this tiny galaxy called Milky Way out of at least one billion galaxies in the observable Universe!! So how can anything be such a big a deal in life?

So wake up and do not get trapped in trivial matters in life (that is, pretty much all matters that cause you pain). In a world that is full of suffering and pain, we really need to have more open hearts, so keep your heart open, shine, keep spreading the love (to whomsoever concerns) and keep dancing, never forget that life is celebration — to be alive is a divine gift!

Never forget that the source of love is from within, the source of love is YOU. Be the light and keep spreading more love to the Universe.

You can watch my video below where I talk more about the Beauty of an Open Heart.

Sending love to all beings :)

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