Why are we continually avoiding this moment? (Extract from Osho's talk)

Present has nothing to do with time. If you are just here in this moment, there is no time. 

There is immense silence, stillness, no movement. Noting is buzzing, everything has come to a certain stop. The present gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the water of life or fly high into the sky of life. 

But on both sides, there are dangerous, past and future are the most dangerous words in human language. Between past and future, living in the present is almost like walking on a tightrope. On both sides, there is a danger. 

But once you have tasted the juices of the present, you don't care about dangers. Once you are in tune with life, then nothing matters. And to me, life is all there is. 

There is a Sufi saying when a man is going to die, he suddenly realizes, 'My God, I was alive.' Only death as a contrast makes him aware for the past 70 years he has been alive, but life itself has not enriched him. It is not the fault of life; it is our misunderstanding. 

My insistence for watchfulness will give you life without even thinking about it because watchfulness can only be in the present. You can witness only the present.

Live totally and intensely, so that each moment becomes golden, and your whole life becomes a series of golden moments. Such a person never dies, because he has the Midas' touch, whatever he touches becomes golden. When he touches death, death also becomes golden. He enjoys it as much as life, or perhaps more. Because death is more condensed than life, life is spread on 70, 80 years, death happens in a single moment. 

It is so condensed, if you have lived your life rightly, you will be able to enter into the mystery of death.  The mystery of death is it is only a cover, inside is your immortality, your eternal life.