Not In the Sky (Osho - Discover the Buddha)

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The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. 

Look within. Watch how many jealousies, how many angers, how many lustful desires are boiling there. Just watch them! 

And this is the greatest contribution of Buddha - that he has said, and proved beyond doubt because it has worked for thousands of people - that a deep observation of anything that is wrong in you is enough; you need not do anything else. Just be aware of it and it disappears. It disappears just as you bring light into a room and the darkness disappears. 

Become aware, awake. Then you will see that everything comes and goes, all things come and pass. Life is a flux. Your consciousness is the only thing that is immovable, that is eternal. To attain it is freedom. To attain it is the goal of life. 

Don' look upward! When you pray you look upward, as if God is there. Buddha says: Look inward, because God is there. 

[From Osho: Discover the Buddha - you can download this app on your mobile too :) ]