the Lonely CEO

You are a handsome CEO

With unbelievably 

Beautiful blue eyes 

You've won the game of

Money and power 

You've made a place 

In the bustling Shanghai 


So successful on the outside 

Yet so lonely on the inside


You have beautiful women

lining up for you 

You complain that 

everyone is superficial 

You too are an expert 

In this superficial game 


On our first date

You shared the romantic stories 

Of your grandparents 

And your painful breakup

With your ex-fiancée 


You told me 

i'm a true heart

i too see a generous soul 

Behind this beautiful mask 


You treated me to fancy restaurants

You provided whatever i need

You helped me settle down 

In this familiar unfamiliar city 


One thing puzzled me 

Your heart opened up

Then closed off quickly 

i didn't ask why

i too had my own ego 


Until one day

i accidentally saw 

A photo of your old-self

With your ex-fiancée 

You were smiling 

Like a child 

You seemed so happy

So different from now 


It dawned on me

You were afraid of 

Getting hurt again

That's why you are

So emotionally 

closed off 


The Universe gave us

Many chances 


Neither of us knew 

How to love then 


Despite all the degrees 

We collected at Uni

We knew so much

about the world

yet so little about ourselves 


You are not happy

I said you need to 

change your life 

You said there is 

no choice 


What you don't realize is that 

There are always choices

And the choices are 

Always in our hand 

It's only courage 

You are lacking 


Trust me 

There are always choices 

It's never too late 


You told me 

You are a desperate case 

I cried on the day 

You left town

That was the last time 

We met 


You asked me why

Because i could feel 

The pain you are bearing inside

So much sorrow 

In your blue eyes 


I hope you are well

I hope one day you can

Free yourself from this 

self-created prison

Breaking down all the walls 


Wake up and 

Start living life 

With your heart 

Fearlessly and freely 


Tu me manques aussi






The Lonely CEO

'This Eternal Romance’ 


Anjali Love