the Iranian Mystic

Your eyes are almost teary
I tell you about my mystical dreams
You say you come here for me
I feel the same too

I don't know how old are you
But you have the eyes of
a 12 year old
so pure and crazy
yet full of bags of wisdom

You show me a photo of
a mystical woman
whose beauty is beyond words
whose eyes are so intriguing and mysterious

You tell me to meet her
when I go to Iran
You tell me i have finally come home
i have connected and
i am taken care of

You tell me the way of Sufi is
the way of heart
You wish my heart could be
more open
i know and i want that too
It's a journey and
i will get there one day
i promise

You bought me
3 books of Sufism by Osho
And you said your job is done
Now that you have passed them to me

And you say there is
no need to say thank you
it's your job
you are simply fulfilling it



the Iranian mystic
'This Eternal Romance'