Karma is a beautiful bitch

Karma is a beautiful bitch 
Whenever I find myself
Saying and doing something
Against my heart

Karma always come back
to catch me 
Tapping on my shoulder
Sometimes even 
slapping me on the face
Ouch that hurts

i know it's Universe's 
gentle reminder that i 

Oh yes
i know i know 
Mother Universe
Your unescapable laws
What goes around 
Comes around

I used to be ignorant
Now I can see it 
Much more clearly

Whatever I do 
Whatever I say 
Must come from my heart
Be a coherent being
Inside out 
Every moment, 24/7, 365 days
It's certainly not 
an easy path 
No one says it's easy

They say don't be too harsh
on yourself baby girl
But it's the deepest 
Desire from my heart 
to follow the calling 
of my heart 
all the time 
100%, No exceptions

Ps. watch out for
that beautiful bitch called

Karma is a beautiful bitch
'Songs from the soul'