It's Now

You ask me hastily,

"What time is it now?"

I replied softly "It's now."

You shrug as if

I'm joking


Oh dear, have I ever lied to you?

Have you ever experienced

Any moment other than Now?

What time could it possibly be

Except Now?


Why talk about the past

Why worry about the future?

When the past is gone

The future is not yet (Buddha)

Wasting the precious moment

When all we have is Now


Stop hallucinating with your mind

Why live with your calculated mind

Instead of your intuitive heart

Trust me, my dear

your heart knows the best


Wake up please

Come into the present

Tapping into the very source of life

Experiencing this one and only

magical moment with me


The time is Now

It has always been Now

And will forever be Now


Poem inspired by Now Watch from

(what a lovely reminder :))