Why we should meditate regularly

If you are a regular meditator, you will notice that there is a big difference in your day if you start your day with meditation than without meditation. Your energy level and the way you deal with things can be quite different.

If you start your morning with meditation, then it is likely that you will be more focused during the day and less anxious.

If you didn’t start your morning with meditation, then you might have more thoughts in your mind, and you are more easily influenced by your scattered thoughts, not being very focused. You might also feel a bit more anxious and feel like complaining more.

  Meditation is in essence like

Taking a mental shower

So it is also recommended 


It is said that a person will have 50,000 -70,000 thoughts per day, that is, 35-48 thoughts per minute! So many thoughts! It is no wonder that our inner traffic is often so crowded.

And most thoughts are actually not very good for us, as our mind has the tendency to be scared and afraid of the unknown. If we can’t let go of these thoughts, then it is very harmful for our health.

When we can sit down quietly to observe our mind, like a third person. Then you will notice that a lot of thoughts actually have no pertinence to anything. That is why we should not attach any significance to a lot of our thoughts.

Our mind is constantly swinging between the past and the future, but forget about the most important moment –i.e. the present, the NOW

So please do make some quiet time every day to meditate, to connect with our heart, connect with our soul, to jump out of your mind, jump out of your thought. 

To elevate yourself to a higher level each day, then you will discover how each moment in life is so beautiful, so magical.  

Those things you concerned about in life are actually not so important. 

The things you worry about actually have not happened (the future is not yet). 

Those things you regret about are also not necessary (as the past is the past).

All we have is the present, the Now. So let’s make every present moment the most beautiful moment of our life.


You can actually really live worry free and be very creative. 

If you don’t know how to mediate. Here I will teach you a simple method:

Actually meditation is quite easy.

You only need to observe your mind

Like a third party

 Observing your thoughts 

But do not engage with them

Simply observe them

When you realise that your mind has gone wondering, 

you can label it "thinking"

then again bring your awareness 

back to your breath or your third eye area 

(The area in between your eyebrows). 

Meditation is not about controlling our thoughts or think nothing (it is difficult to think nothing). Rather it is simply to observe our thoughts and when our mind is carried away with the thought, simply bring it back again to our breath.  


If you can meditate daily 

Even just 5 minutes

Slowly you will notice 

A big difference in your life 


No matter what happens

You become more and

more calm

And you can stop

worrying about the future

 Because you know

You are not your thoughts anyway

 You are the pure awareness

The limitless consciousness

Tips for meditation: 

·      I recommend a 15-20 mins meditation daily, if you really don’t have time (another illusion created by the mind),then try to start with 5 minutes;

·      You can meditate seated in cross-legged or just sitting on a chair, make sure your spine is straight

·      I highly recommend to meditate the first thing in the morning (After brushing your teeth, taking your lemon water) before breakfast. Then if you feel tired in the afternoon, meditate again! One hour of meditation works better than 4 hours of sleep because sometimes when we are sleeping, our mind may still be very active and it is hard for our mind to rest properly.

The old adage in meditation is:

Meditate for one hour everyday unless

If you are too busy.

In that case, meditate for two hours (haha!)


So make sure you make time for meditation

Make time for inner peace

Make time for happiness

Make time for blissfulness

Make time for the most important things in your life!