Be honest with yourself

You can lie to the whole world
But make sure you are honest
With yourself
So let's begin a honest dialogue
With yourself

What do you love to do
So much that you found
Yourself lost in time
That it even keeps you awake
The whole night
That you can't stop talking
About it with others
Even if they don't understand
You know you are simply
Talking to yourself
And that's alright too

What kind of life
Do you truly want to lead
A life of comfortably uncomfortable?
Like most rich miserable people
Or uncomfortably comfortable
Like the wandering ascetics
Or comfortably comfortable
Like people who adhere to
Their true values
Using their mind and soul
Without the need to
renounce the world

Think on your deathbed
What you wish you had done
In your life
Die first then come alive
Is the job you currently in
You love?
Is the relationship you currently in
Nourishes your soul? 
If the answers are no, 
Then quit

Do not consider
Yourself a loser by

Quiting the wrong things
In life
Makes you a hero
It takes true courage
To quit
To go for what you truly
Love and believe
To not care about
What others say

Most people are too afraid
To walk away from
Things entangled them

Life is too precious to waste
On things you have very little interest of
Or just some interest of
Ambivalence is not good enough
Do you want to be alive
50%, 80% or 100%?

It's a big shame
If you can't explore what you truly love
Not be able to
Connect with your authentic self
Experiencing the magic
In this lifetime

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