A Gentle Reminder

Mind is a tricky little thing
Beautiful and ugly
Bright and dark
Positive and negative
Sensitive and sentimental
Angelic and demonic

Be aware, be alert
Do not get caught up in your head
Feed your divine soul
not your monkey mind

The path of a spiritual seeker
The path to eternal bliss
is never an easy path
and you may even feel lonely sometimes
As it requires constant daily practice
Moment by moment

Climbing the ladder of consciousness
and sometimes you fall
that's ok too
Be aware, breathe and
jump out from your head
Start anew again
Keep growing
Evolving and transforming

Seeing is the first step of liberation
Remember that every conflict and problem in life is self-inflicted
Do not be afraid to look deep within
Facing the unknown directly
Creating space to inquire
Untying the knots of the heart
Let it breathe again
Go further and beyond
Bring forth all your divine qualities
Increasing them in boundless measure

Love, peace & bliss
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Photo from the internet, words from my heart. 

Photo from the internet, words from my heart.