Do you sense the divine goddess within ?

Are you ready to dive deeper into the mysteries of your being ?

Awaken your inner goddess and begin to live a life rich in your fullest divine feminine essence.

What is A Goddess?

A goddess is a woman who is in touch with the god within her. She is fully activated in her full power as a balanced woman of both masculine and feminine decent.

In a sacred feminine way, she is the master of her own story. She embodies the art of trust and surrender and all of life responds to her ways.

She is the voice of  wisdom that nudges you when you go off course. She is the whisper in your ear guiding you closer to your heart.  She is the one who trusts deeply in all of your being’s abilities.
She is who you have always been before they told you who you should be.


Are you ready to remember?


Do you crave a deeper connection with yourself and all of life?


Are you ready to break free of fears and old belief systems holding you back from your fullest potential ?

Do you long to heal old wounds and past traumas ?

Are you ready to set your foundation into honoring the being you were destined to be ?


It is time to reclaim your Sacred Feminine Power …


We crave to move
We crave to shake
We crave to dance
away all that is not soul.

Dear Beloved,

You are not alone. You are as the sky and everything else is just the weather passing through. When you learn how to be intune with your nature, you allow space to honor and respect your many cycles. Creating a sacred space within to dive deeper into your timeless nature.

Many women throughout the world are dying inside...

After centuries and layers of conditioning , NOW it is time we reclaim our Sacred Feminine Power.


Anjali Love will  reach into the depths of your being from a space of empathy and empowerment. She will take your hand and guide you into a harmonious world of deep self-love, prosperity, abundance , and pure expansion.   

Are you ready to live from a deeply surrendered place ?

Are you ready to awaken your femininity in all areas of your life?



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Meet your guide



Anjali Love is a mystic poetess, author, sacred feminine, tantrika, yoga & meditation teacher, energy worker, intuitive life coach and spiritual guide.

A multidimensional being, a light worker and an artist of life, she is guided by the Divine to create from her heart.

She offers online courses and coaching, also facilitates transformational workshops and retreats around the world.