It is with great pleasure and honour that Anjali Love will be teaching at Goa Tantra Festival in January 2019 and offering her 3-day Tantra of the Heart Intensive at Love Temple following her teaching at the festival 


♥ Goa Tantra Festival 2019

Sacred Date: 6- 10 January 
Sacred location: Love Temple, Arambol

♥ 3 Day Tantra of the Heart Intensive with Anjali Love 

Sacred Date: 11- 13 January 
Sacred location: Love Temple, Arambol 


“Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life, and through this love remembering our essence, the divine. Tantra is a life path.” - Osho

Join Anjali Love for a heart-based 3 Day Tantra intensive to explore the essence of what Tantra truly is. In this 3 Day workshop, we will dive deep into in depth of Love that you have not previously known. 

Anjali is here to invite you to step into your fullest light and love, to shake off all conditioning and limiting beliefs, to remove all blockages that hold you back from living your fullest life, to embody your sensuality and love to greatly expand your life! 


You will learn about:

We will have excises that Open Your Hearts and Connect Your Bodies.

Expanding your consciousness and capacity to give and receive love and bring the sacredness into all aspects of your life

Genuine and authentic connections and how to consciously communicate with your partner, communicating honestly, holding space for each other without compromising
your individuality & integrity.

• Finding the grounded still point of presence within yourself
Overcoming limiting beliefs breaking through social conditioning around your sexuality.

Harnessing and channelling sexual energy for spiritual growth, healing and experience transcendental love.

We will combine tantra, movement medicine, shaking meditation and various meditations, conscious touch, ceremony, energy work, sharing circles to help you to remove blockages, to expand and to connect.

All is heart-centred, deeply honouring, consensual and conscious.

*This workshop is open to all genders, sexual and relational orientation. It is not required you have a partner for this workshop. Both singles and couples are welcome.


What past participants said


"Anjali’s Tantra of the Heart workshop was truly wonderful. Wonderful because it allowed me to broaden my understanding, explore, have fun and to let go of any misconceptions I had about Tantra. I felt so safe, trusted and honoured by Anjali throughout. The workshop was full of joy, was very releasing and I felt 100% safe to just be myself. Each exercise taught me, how simple Tantra can be if I let it and how deep it can go if I’m willing. I learnt that I am always in control. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in knowing more and perhaps expanding what they know about themselves. Thank you Anjali for creating such a beautiful experience."

~ Erin 

(More video testimonials can be viewed here

This workshop also works well with my Sacred Feminine Tantra Retreat on 27th January to 1st February, hosted by one of the best retreat centres in Goa (more details & booking on my website)


About the facilitator: Anjali Love


Anjali Love is a mystic, author, international tantra and sacred feminine teacher, an intuitive life coach and spiritual guide. A multidimensional being, a lightworker and an artist of life, she offers online coaching and also facilitates workshops and retreats around the world. 

Her tantric path initially started with Osho's teaching, and since then she has trained intensely with well-known tantra teachers around the world. It was under the energy field of one partiuclar self-realised Tantric Master Renetsu - Tantra Ecstatic Presence) that her energy has shifted tremendously. Her style of teaching is largely influenced by Osho's teaching, Renetsu's Tantra Ecstatic Presence, and also infused with her own understanding and transformation. It is her vision and soul calling to spread authentic tantric teaching around the world. 

Her style of teaching is very heart-based and experiential. She takes participants to an altered state of consciousness in which deep insights, healing and tremendous personal growth can happen easily. Also, she holds a very safe space for participants to feel safe to expand and express themselves authentically. 

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