Anjali Love is a mystic poetess, author, sacred feminine, tantrika, yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, intuitive life coach and spiritual guide. A multidimensional being, a lightworker and an artist of life, she is guided by the Divine to create from her heart. She offers online courses and coaching, also facilitates transformational workshops and retreats around the world.

Welcome Beloved, 

we found each other…


I’m here to accelerate your awakening process and to help you tap into your own highest potential through various mediums, so that you may fully embody the divinity of your Higher Self within your humanity.

As a sacred feminine teacher, I’m here to help you awaken your inner Goddess, to ignite your Divine Feminine energy, so that you may realise your infinite sacred feminine potential.

As a tantra teacher, I take you on a tantric ecstatic journey of self-discovery, to help you expand and evolve through love, so that you may remember your true nature - pure love.

As an intuitive life coach and spiritual guide, I’m here to guide you to unveil your soul purpose, to remember why you came here, to integrate your soul purpose into your life, to live a meaningful soul-centered life, so you can do what you love while manifesting abundance.

As a mystic poetess and artist, I channel messages from the Higher Self and express them through words, poetry and art.

Why you should trust me and work with me? You can read more about my stories here.

With Love & Blessings,

Anjali Love

Online courses 


Sacred Feminine Circle Online

Launching soon

Monthly live sacred feminine circles gathering online with a combination of goddess teaching, tantric work, mystical dance, diving deep with your sisters all over the world. Men and non-binary are also welcome. We are working with feminine energy and it is not gender specific. Find out more and join the waitlist now.


Goddess Coaching Online

One-on-one private session

A one-on-one one hour online session with Anjali Love to activate the inner Goddess within you and to gain clarity on where you are right now, so you may feel empowered and ready to take the right actions which are best aligned with your Higher Self, whether it is in the area of life, relationship or career.


Unveil Your Soul Purpose

One-on-one private session

Have you already had what you think you need to be happy in life, maybe you have achieved material success, you have a good relationship and a beautiful family but you still feel empty and deep down you know there is something missing. Join an online one-on-one coaching with Anjali Love to find out why and she will guide you to unveil your soul purpose.


Live Workshops

Tantra, Sacred Feminine, Sufi Whirling & more


Live Retreats

Join one of our magical retreats


Books & Poetry


Songs from the Soul

A collection of poetry and prose that explores the themes of living in the present, the journey of soul-searching, the wisdom of letting go, overcoming fears, the impermanence of existence and the soul's yearning for eternal freedom.


This Eternal Romance

A free spirit, a hopeful romantic, a non-conformist guide to romance, dating, sacred sexuality, marriage, divine love and everything in-between. This poetry book explores the paradoxes of romance, love and human nature.