Anjali Love
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Anjali Love is a mystic, author, tantra teacher, sacred feminine coach and spirit guide. She offers online coaching and facilitates workshops and retreats around the world.


Welcome Beloved, 

My name is Anjali Love. I'm here to help you remember the truth of who you are, to accelerate your awakening process so you can live your most radiant, alive and juicy self, while staying centered in the world. 

As a tantra teacher, I offer you direct experience of what tantra truly is and take you on a tantric esctatic journey of self-discovery.

As a sacred feminine coach, I'm here to help you awaken the inner Goddess, to unleash your infinite feminine potential and reclaim your divine feminine power. 

As a spirit guide, I'm here to help you unveil your soul purpose, to illuminate and activate your soul's calling, so you can live your fullest life.

So who am I and why am I the one to help you? You can read more about my stories here