Welcome Beloved, 

we finally found each other…


I’m here to accelerate your awakening process, to help you tap into your highest potential through various mediums, so you may fully embody the divinity of your Higher Self within your human existence.

As a Sacred Feminine teacher, I’m here to help you awaken your inner Goddess, to ignite your Divine Feminine energy, so that you may realise your infinite Divine Feminine potential.

As a tantra teacher, I take you on a tantric ecstatic journey of self-discovery, to help you dive deeper into your consciousness, to expand and evolve through love, so that you may remember your true nature - pure love & bliss.

As a spiritual guide, I’m here to guide you to unveil your soul purpose, to remember why you came here, to integrate your soul purpose into your life, to live a meaningful Soul-centred life, so you can do what you love while manifesting abundance in this human existence.

As a mystic poetess, author and artist, I channel messages from the Divine Light and express them through words, poetry and art.

My whole purpose is here to serve Truth, to serve Love, to serve You.

Online Offering


Sacred Feminine Online Circle

Launching soon

Are you ready to awaken your Inner Goddess and unlock your Divine Feminine potential and beauty? If so, you can join our monthly online sacred feminine circle. In the circle, we will dive deep into Divine Feminine wisdom, Goddess teaching from cross cultures and traditions with a combination of mystical dance, tantric work and much more. Women, men and non-binary are all welcome. We are working with Divine Feminine energy which is within all of us so it is not necessarily gender specific. Our program will launch soon and you join the waitlist now.


Live Online Satsang

Channeling from the Divine Light

Are you experiencing awakening or have been on the awakened journey for quite a while but still feel you need a bit more support and guidance on your soul journey? Also you would love to stay connected with like-minded people to discuss about all things spirituality related. Our monthly online live Satsang may be just what you need to help you stay aligned on your Soul journey. Join us now.


One-on One Spiritual Consultation

Private session with Anjali Love

Do you feel you still need a bit more tailored help and support on your awakening journey? If so, you can discuss more about it with us and we will see how we can help.

A one-hour spiritual consultation may be exactly what you need to help you stay aligned and clear your confusion on your awakening journey.


Live Workshops

Tantra, Sacred Feminine, Sufi Whirling & Satsangs


Live Retreats

Join one of our magical retreats

around the world

Books & Poetry


Songs from the Soul

A collection of poetry and prose that explores the themes of living in the present, the journey of soul-searching, the wisdom of letting go, overcoming fears, the impermanence of existence and the soul's yearning for eternal freedom.

Awakening to Love

The Secret of the Universe is Love. Love is what we are here for. Love is our true nature, it is time for us to remember, to re-awaken to our true essence. This book is filled with beautiful poetry & prose which explore the theme of Divine Love, it also explores the paradoxes of romance, love and human nature.

(Anjali’s second poetry book, coming soon)